Photo: Alex Knickerbocker

Photo: Alex Knickerbocker

I'm Andrew Hendriksen, and I'm the founder of Drewtensils.

This site was created out of my love for quality products, and my desire to bring attention to some of the finer things in life. I have an engineering background and a passion for photography, so products that are well built, cleverly designed, and beautiful to look at are at the core of what I love so much about great things. Every product I write about is something that I believe in, and is among the best in its class in terms of functionality, quality, and design.

This isn't an online store — it's simply a place designed to help people discover fantastic stuff.

Full disclosure: I have an affiliate relationship with a number of the online retailers that I link to. This means that if you click through my link to purchase the product, I get a small kick-back from that retailer. It costs you nothing more, but more importantly this helps me keep the site running with minimal advertising and an unobtrusive design.

These affiliate programs never affect my decisions to cover certain products, and I will never write about something that I don't believe in.